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The Idea Behind Affiliate Marketing Guild

Hi, I'm Vilius.

When I initially began working with affiliate marketing a few years

back, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was aware that I would need

to work with so-called partners, but I wasn't sure who these people were,

where to find them, or how to conduct business with them. 

What added complexity to my struggle was the fact that we did not and

currently, we do not have enough quality training material for people who

want to become better at managing affiliate programs, bring more

partners, bring more traffic, and bring more sales to their companies.

We have an abundance of webinars, training programs, books and courses on how to become excellent PPC managers, content writers, CRO and SEO specialists, but we don't have nearly as many on how to become excellent affiliate marketing managers.

Reflecting on this experience, I asked a bunch of affiliate marketing managers how they learned this craft, and most of them said it was through trial and error. This got me thinking - why don't we create a community for affiliate marketing managers to learn, grow, and become better at what they do?

When I started to work with affiliate marketing, I faced the struggle that I did not have enough content to consume on the topic, and I did not have many people around me to whom I could go for expert advice, so I wanted to create this place where affiliate marketing managers come, learn, communicate with each other, share ideas, give feedback, and make each of us better at what we do.

So, the primary mission of the Affiliate Marketing Guild is to serve as a learning platform, especially for new affiliate marketing managers, where they can come, ask questions, network, and grow as professionals.

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Vilius Sakutis

Head of Partnerships


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Affiliate Marketing Guild is Made From Two Parts

Specialized Training


Hours of on-demand videos on topics that affiliate managers voted as the most important in affiliate marketing. Watch training, do practical assignments, and hone your affiliate management skills.

Connect and network with other affiliate marketing managers in the guild. Community groups give you a platform to discuss issues you currently face, build connections, and share best practices.

Join Affiliate Marketing Guild Today

5+ hours of on-demand affiliate marketing management training

Constructive feedback on your current affiliate program

Connect with other members, ask questions, and get valuable insights

Expand your professional network

Improve as affiliate marketing manager and bring better business results

Participate in monthly live events

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